Ingen designs, installs and maintains, sustainable systems tailored to individual needs.

We have a highly focused, highly trained and highly experienced team that can take complex briefs and, using our own in-house design specialists, supply customers with extremely cost-effective design and build solutions.

Smart Energy Management

Smart Energy Management Systems ensure that maximum possible efficiency is achieved and usually pay for themselves within two years through much lower energy usage. Automated building controls allow the adjustment of temperature and light levels in a building to suit patterns of use and have been proven to save around 30% of the energy a building consumes.

Wireless Technology

Modern wireless technology also allows control of heating and lighting remotely from a smartphone, tablet or PC and Automated systems trigger adjustments in lighting and temperature to reflect room occupancy, avoiding the need to pay to heat and light a room that nobody is using.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Ingen are specialists in the installation of Voltage Optimisation Systems, which offer an energy usage reduction of up to 15%. They work to supply the power demands of your equipment exactly, allowing equipment to run at its most efficient level, saving money and helping equipment last longer and require less maintenance.

Biomass boiler


We have the capability to install Biomass boiler plants and associated pipework, filtration and fuel store infrastructure for any type or size of Biomass boiler installation.

Solar PV panels

Solar Power

We also offer a wide range of solutions to get the best from Solar Power, including Photovoltaic Panels which convert sunlight into electricity using photovoltaic cells. The electricity PV panels produce can be used in residential, industrial or commercial property, or fed directly into the National Grid, earning the user money for every unit input.

Ingen can also install Solar Thermal panels which use the energy from the sun to heat the water in home and businesses. With efficiency rates of over 80%, modern solar thermal panels are extremely effective and over the course of a year should heat around 70% of the water a typical household would use.

Our team of expert engineers offer advice on the suitability of panels, as well as carrying out the installation to the highest possible standard. All of Ingen’s design team, installers and testers are fully MCS accredited and used to working on large, demanding contracts as well as on domestic installations.

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