Our People are the Heart of Our Business

We work hard to make sure they are properly prepared to do a quality job – and come with a positive, friendly attitude.

It all starts with recruitment. We don’t just look for job skills – we select people who have a positive, energetic, can-do attitude.

We make sure they are well led and well managed. We involve them in our business and give them the scope and responsibility to get on and do a great job for our customers.

And we train them well – from apprentices to boardroom – to ensure that they have the technical and human skills they need to do a great job and deliver great service.

Our Apprentice Programme

Across the Ingen group we currently have 70 electrical, mechanical and plumbing apprentices.

Employee Skills Training

All Ingen employees are regularly assessed to identify any training required to help them do their jobs to the highest standard and prepare them for progression.

This includes health and safety and other statutory training as well advanced technical, professional, supervisory, management and customer care skills.

Our training and development is delivered through a combination of internal workshops, external courses, and our mentoring programme.

Creating Strong Leaders

Company culture is a reflection of the behaviour and values of the leaders. At Ingen we have considered what this means for everyone who has people working for them and we have built our leadership approach on 5 key leadership characteristics.

Each leader goes through a process called At Your Best and we take a view that people, including leaders should try to maximise their strengths. At Your Best is the foundation for creating unique leadership agendas and personal development plans for each of our leaders.

Leadership is central to how we review and reflect on what we are achieving as individuals and how well we are engaging with our people.

We believe in potential for greatness in all our leaders and we support them, challenge them and enable their potential to be realised by in house learning, external courses and mentoring.

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