Ingen designs and delivers maintenance programmes designed to extend the life of your systems and keep your business up and running.

We offer a range of Mechanical and Electrical planned and reactive maintenance and after-care services including out of hours support.

Ensuring Optimum Asset Performance

All of our service options are totally flexible and designed specifically for our customer needs, giving you choice and great value. We will ensure the continuing performance and reliability of your buildings and assets. We will maintain its efficiency, extend life expectancy and reduce the risk of costly plant or system failure and needless energy consumption. We also ensure you comply with statutory regulations including health and safety and environmental.

Extensive Maintenance Experience

Our maintenance division has developed a reputation for providing some of the highest levels of proficiency and service in the industry. We have a broad portfolio of valued customers who trust us to maintain their business and building needs. Everything we do is audited, measured and checked down to the smallest detail. We differentiate ourselves by offering a truly customer focused solution that’s bespoke to your precise and highly personal requirements.

Our team of highly experienced engineers operate across the country, providing support, when and where it is required to ensure that any problems or unforeseen difficulties can be overcome quickly and efficiently.

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